Ubuntuone and Ubuntuone music

Hi there Ubuntu users.

Lately I've decided to use Ubuntu 11.04 as primary workplace in a new HDD. During the process of backing-up staff from the previous "experimental" installation, I have found very helpful the "Ubuntuone" option.

Using the cloud option of Ubuntuone, with 2 GB for free, the whole process has been made a lot  easier, since I had nothing to back-up. Everything was already up in the air. It is a bit slow, but for free it is more than fine.

I was convinced and decided to buy more space for future use and try the music option to share music with my android phone. There is a Ubuntuone music app in the market to do so. Since I had a basic plan, I could only download the files in the phone, by using the username and password that I already had for my Ubuntuone account.

I though, why not, so I bought the mobile package for a month to stream music in the android phone, to give it a try. At first I was dissapointed, since the error
"Cannot parse 'none' as integer"
kept popping up. There were no files to play and I couldn't create a playlist to try and load some.

I gave it a look and the solution is simple. The problem was the mp3 files I was trying to share didn't have ID3 tags. So I used the 'EAYTAG' app from the Ubuntu Software Center to enter tags for title, artist and album. After that everything went fine.

I suggest you give it a try. 


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