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Raspberry pi - Introduction

Hello once again.

This is the first of series of Raspberry pi related posts. I believe that the Raspberry pi (rpi from now on) can help us learn from basic electronics to coding, presenting alternative solutions to existing or not problems. In this series I will make a step-by-step installation of a simple, descent LAMP (Linux Apache MySql PHP) server.

This is what a rpi looks like, compared to a D, a AAA battery and a SD card.

For those not familiar with the pi, I think it will enough to start with the following bullets:

it is a single-board processorit has low cost, (approximately 35$)low performance, ARM6 700Mhz single core processor with 256/512Mb of RAM (type A/B)runs a distribution of GNU/linux based on Debian, called raspbianhas some GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins, used to connect sensors, devices etc in order to control them, get data or output data toit has a large community for project ideas/solutionsI believe those are enough for now. In a few words the rp…