Sunday, 11 March 2012

Conky has been polished and refurbished

Hello again.

Conky is changing. Remember this article? Get ready to see something different. Compare it with this one.
Old one Polished version

I have left out several indicator, but it looks really nice.

Here is how to get it.

If you don't have conly, install it.
$sudo apt-get install conky

Donwload the new source file, as well as the logo.png image the rings from here and extract them in a folder, let;s call it conky2 in your home folder.

First step is to install the new font, called neuropolitical by double clicking in the neuropolitical.tif file in the file and then the install button.

Then copy the clock_rings.lua to ~/.lua/scripts folder. These two folders do not exist so create them.
$sudo mkdir ~/.lua
$sudo mkdir ~/.lua/scripts

and then copy the clock_rings.lua file
$cd ~/
$sudo cp ~/conky2/Ubuntu/clock_rings.lua ~/.lua/scripts

Create a folder to put the logo.png file.
$sudo mkdir ~/.conky
$sudo cp ~/conky2/Ubuntu/logo.png ~/.conky

Inside the same folder put the conyrc file.

Last change the code for your town to show temp for it. Visit, find your town and note the code in bold and in parenthesis up right, as shown below (LGLM for my case).

Find the line below in the ~/.conky/conkyrc file

${font Neuropolitical:size=13}${color FFFFFF}${alignr}temp: ${weather LGLM temperature temperature 30} °C${font}

The neuropolitical font does not support all UTF-8 characters, so if you use a different language, greek in my case, change the font for those lines in the conkyrc file with arial, to be sure for the result.

Trigger conky by typing
$conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc

Good luck.

New AMD ATI catalyst drivers. The scenery is changing.

Hi there once more.

It has been a while. Remember the previous post how to install the ATI drivers in Ubuntu? Well you can forget all about that.

It seems that something has changed and all the necessary actions are included in a wizard type installation for the AMDCatalyst 12.2 proprietary display drivers for Linux.

First, go here (AMD support site) to get the drivers for your OS and card.

I can say that you are almost done. You must only make this *.run file executable and then run it.
(I won't open terminal to show howeasy the whole process is)

Enter your password to allow it to run as superuser and a wizard will start as shown below. Choose according to yor case and the rest are being taken care of. A reboot however is necessary.

Has this new policy anything to do with the fact that nvidia has joined The Linux Foundation?

Read more here (

What do you think?

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