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Install the new ATI drivers in Ubuntu 11.10 (and make them work)

Hi there once more.

Following the previous post about problems with ATI drivers, amdcccle (see it here), I' ve looked it into a little bit more.

I was lucky since guys at (they rock), had the solution ready for me.

New ATI catalyst 11.8 to the rescue and a proper easy how-to.

This is basically a re-post of the one found in (check it here) from the noobie perspective.

First download the new drivers from here. (I got the 64bit one)

Put the file in a folder (lets name it ati in the home folder) and make it executable.
$cd ~/ati
$sudo chmod +x
Then create the necessary packages, based on the 11.10 Ubuntu version  $sudo ./ --buildpkg Ubuntu/oneiric
Before continuing, it is very likely that you might be missing some packages that are necessary to create the packages and cpontinue with this procedure. I've listed below those that I was mis…

Ubuntu 11.10 ATI drivers and NTFS mounts problem

Hi there again Ubuntu users.

This will be a small post about a problem I faced when I upgraded to 11.10 and it has to do with ATI drivers and NTFS mounts. I ' ve googled them around and I see that there are quite some people facing similar problems.

(I run the 64-bit version, so I do not know if the same applies for the 32-bit one.)

I use two monitors and when the PC rebooted, after the update, the monitor mode had been switched to mirror monitors. I though OK, no problem. It is something that has happened before in the past and I thought that AMD Catalyst Control Center will give the solution. Unfortunately, even though I was using the AMD Catalyst Control Center (administrative version) it didn't save any changes and simply terminated. Each time.

So I tried to "kill my time" and watch a movie instead. I tried to cut and paste a movie to an external media center. No go. I didn't have write privs in the NTFS external HDD. That was new. It took a while (reading a…

Various 802.11 Wireless Standards Research

Scope The scope of this paper is to research through the IEEE 802.11 wireless standards identifying range, security, throughput, costs and the future prospects of this technology. Since the number of specifications, ratified and draft amendments to the 802.11 Prime is big, we will not include those that are addressed to manufacturers, and we will cover 802.11 a/b/g/n specifications (The book of wireless, p.32) referring to the rest necessary amendments for the security section only. Introduction IEEE 802.11 Wireless Standard defines the technology used for local area network (LAN) communications, using radio frequencies (RF). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the professional society that creates and Maintains standards that we use for communications (CWNA, p. 154). The original IEEE 802.11 standard was published in 1999 and reaffirmed in 2003. The latest revision of the standard was published in 2007. The publication date of the specifications to be covere…