How to lock a domument in MS Word 2003

This is a small walk through guide how to lock a document using MS Word 2003 (a version with Microsft Word 2007 can be found here). One might say why  lock and not convert to .pdf.

The main difference is that is easier and it does not require any other programs to manipulate .pdf files. Locking is helpful when we wish to control who is allowed to alter the data. In most cases it is used with forms and macros.

Microsoft Word 2003 version (go to Microsoft Word 2007 version)

Locking the document.
Let's suppose we wish to lock the document so that other will only be able to use forms in it.
Step 1
Step 2
A popup window will appear. Select the “security” tab. Write a password in the section shown in the image below.  

Step 3
 Then click on the “Protect Document” button as seen below.

Step 4
A frame in the right of the document will appear.

DONE. Now only a person who knows the password above can alter the document.

Give it a try.


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